At Cake or Dice we have a large selection of Card and Board Games available to play. Games are split into four different coloured categories: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Red games are free to play, all day, every day. Our lighter, quick games are in the Green section and more complex, longer games in the Blue and Yellow sections.

Games are pay to play with prices tokens to play costing £1.00. For our more regular visitors we offer a selection of different memberships to help you get the best value for money!

The D6 Membership


The D12 Membership

The D20 Membership

D6 Membership

£8.00 per Month

£80.00 per Year

D12 Membership

£12.50 per Month

£125.00 per Year

D20 Membership

£16.00 per Month

£160.00 per Year

Adventurers Guild

The Dynamic Duo

Adventurers Guild

The Fellowship

Adventurers Guild

The Seekers

Dynamic Duo

£25.00 per Month

£250.00 per Year

The Fellowship

£50.00 per Month

£500.00 per Year

The Seekers

£80.00 per Month

£800.00 per Year

Add an additional person to your Adventurers Guild for extra fun! 

£14.00 per Month

£140.00 per Year